About Us


OZ Capital is a licensed mortgage brokerage and authorized franchise of Dominion Lending Centres, Canada’s largest national mortgage brokerage by volume.

OZ Funding Corporation is a full-service mortgage administration company licensed with FSCO and in business to administer private mortgages for lenders/investors interested in allocating funds in private mortgages.

Our History

OZ Capital was founded in 2006 by Oleg Shiller and Zvika Shluper, both mortgage professionals with extensive experience in residential mortgage financing and alternative lending.

While practicing mortgage origination and with the ever-growing demand for private mortgage financing, Oleg and Zvika came to realize that past closing of each private mortgage transaction, individual lenders didn’t have access to a full-service mortgage administration company to take on the hassle of the day-to-day payment management and enforcement.

Recognizing the opportunity to better service this rapidly growing segment of the market, Oleg and Zvika formed OZ Funding Corporation in 2014.

Our Philosophy

At OZ Capital and OZ Funding Corporation our main objective is the safety of your investment principal. As such our philosophy is attributed to 3 main principles:

Integrity - We will provide you with the most compete and accurate disclosure on all mortgage investment opportunities. We exercise the highest level of due-diligence to ensure quality investment.

Discipline - We take pride at utilizing disciplined approach when administering your mortgage investments. We are big believers in process and pulling the trigger quickly, when required. Hence the reason why we refer to our process as Rigorous Administration

Integrity + Discipline = Performance - When things are done right from the beginning, results will speak for themselves. Our past performance is attributed to our rigorous administration and following the process with every new mortgage investment opportunity we offer and fund.

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