Our Difference

We offer a wide range of mortgage investment opportunities for high and ultra high net-worth individuals seeking to diversify their investment holdings by investing in private mortgages.

Our Commitment

OZ Capital is committed to help investors build and service their mortgage investment portfolio and to protect investor’s investment to the highest of standards.

At OZ Capital we take pride at being able to provide our lenders/investors with sustainable rates of return on their investments while mitigating the risk and not compromising on superior, private banking like levels of service.

Our overall success is attributed to 3 main principles we exercise on the daily basis:

Prudent Underwriting

Rigorous Administration

Superior Client Service

Our Value

  • Complete mortgage underwriting and risk mitigation analysis.
  • Independent review and analysis of existing residential mortgage portfolios.
  • Full service mortgage administration and enforcement of new and existing mortgage investments.
  • Reporting of investment portfolio quarterly.
  • Access to a wide range of industry professionals to assist you.

Benefits of Working with us

As an investor, you pick and choose an investment opportunity right for you.

Your personal or corporate name will be registered as a lien holder against the subject property you will be financing.

Cleared borrower payments deposited directly into your bank account via electronic funds transfer.

You will receive your quarterly investment statements as well as yearly income tax forms indicating the total amount of interest you have received from your investments with us.

Attractive yields on your investment without long term risk exposure.

Our Administration Services


Provide full mortgage administration services to private investors/ lenders.


Collecting borrower payments via Electronic Funds Transfer and depositing net proceeds to Investors.


Servicing mortgage, insurance and tax defaults in a timely manner in order to minimize overall risk.


We handle any payment collection and mortgage enforcement on your behalf.


Issuance of quarterly statements and applicable personal and corporate forms for income tax purposes.


Preparing renewal offers and payout statements and providing any other applicable services.

Our Track Record and Success

Private mortgage lending has been increasing its popularity amongst investors looking to diversify their investment portfolio by indirectly investing in real estate to achieve a sustainable rate of return on the money invested. Since 2015, our investors have been enjoying the following range of annualized rates of return:


First position mortgage investments

7.00% - 7.50%


Second position mortgage investments

8.50% - 11.00%


Third position mortgage investments

11.50% - 13.00%

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