Our Process

Is Investing in Mortgages Right for You?

At OZ Funding corporation our process starts with an understanding of our investor’s personal goals, needs and objectives. We will complete an investor’s questioner form with you to better understand if private lending is right for you.

During our initial meeting we will explain the difference between our structure and other ways of investing in private mortgages available on the market today.

We will then explain how we originate and underwrite our mortgage requests follow by our process of mortgage administration past closing.

Finally, we will review our mortgage administration agreement along with all applicable compliance documents with you as well as the process of funding and closing of your mortgage investment transactions with us.

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You will receive a deal presentation package comprised of borrower’s mortgage application, personal credit bureau, subject property appraisal report and a detailed deal related narrative with each mortgage investment opportunity fully underwritten and recommended by us.


Once you confirm that you are interested in investing in the mortgage and are happy with the terms, we will draft up your personalized administration agreement along with all necessary mortgage disclosure documents for you to execute.


We then prepare a Mortgage Commitment offer for the borrower to sign.


Once we receive a fully executed package along with all necessary conditions from the borrower, we forward it to one of our exclusive lawyers who represent you and conduct the necessary due diligence until the deal is closed.


We will administer your mortgage investment throughout the term of the contract and will take the necessary steps to enforce on security in the event of a borrower non-payment. We will also deal with mortgage renewals and discharges.


Communication is our strength. We keep you updated throughout the whole process from approval until the mortgage is discharged.

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